“Work Ready” – Experiential Barista Course

For people who want “barista experience” on their CV.  As well as going through an in depth skills course with practical assessment and certification, students will get 6 hours of real experience, developing the skills employers are seeking.

Learn to pull espresso, texture milk, and pour latte art. Plus get 6 hours work experience with a certification to top it off.

Created by Mark Chirnside

What Will You Learn?

Learn the principles and techniques behind the perfect espresso

  • Learn how to texture silky latte art milk
  • Discover what employers are looking for when they hire new staff.
  • Gain 6 hours of work experience to increase your chance for employment.
  • Get your advice from someone that has over 10 years of experience.
  • Small class size (2:1 student : teacher ratio)
  • Get 6 hours practice on a commercial coffee machine.
  • Get assessed and certified

This is the full package to becoming a highly valued staff member at any cafe!

This is the most in-depth course I offer and I’ll lay out everything you need to know about creating success within the coffee industry. If you’re a complete beginner this course will take you through the essential barista skills and build you up to be extremely competent and valuable in the workplace. If you’re a barista veteran, this course will take you one step further down your professional career and hook you up with a certification.

Whether you’re a student looking to secure part-time work at a cafe while you study. A professional looking to switch careers, or anything in between – this course is for you.

Once you can make brilliant coffees that will knock everyone’s socks off I’ll give you the opportunity to gain work experience at a cafe so that you can put it on your CV. Cafe owners love to see experience and it will give you a competitive edge against any other applicants.

This course will give you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

I’ll even give you a complete walkthrough on how you should structure and write your CV in order to secure an interview. There are some insider secrets I have that will allow you to stand out from the crowd and really highlight to the employee what you have to offer.

You could just apply for jobs now – cross your fingers and hope for the best. Or you can take this course, cut the waiting time and secure a job that you’re actually excited about.

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This course will teach you everything you could ever want to know about becoming a great barista.

I’ve been making coffee for over 10 years now and I’ve been learning from all sorts of different people in the industry.

I now want to pass all of my knowledge on to you. Check this out – I’ve trained with 8 different companies and they all give different opinions on how to make great coffee. But they are all consistent in that they say – their way is the best way. So who’s right? Well, it doesn’t really matter. Here’s how you should look at it:

“The right way to make coffee is how the boss tells you to, and the way I teach this course is adaptable to any workplace.”

Once you have all the tools I provide in this course you’ll be able to secure the job of your dreams and your employer will be stoked to have you onboard. 

Book this course with a friend for a fun and social experience. Or if you want to take a focused approach to rapidly improve your skills you can book this course as 1-on-1 sessions with me.

Get certified and take a shortcut into the coffee industry. It will cut years off your learning curve so you can spend more time doing what you love.


Learn all the essential barista skills.


Get 6 hours of work experience and build your CV.


Take the test and get certified as a professional barista.

Total Cost: $995 


Or make 4 payments of $248.75 with Afterpay

After payment we will contact you to book your sessions.

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