Ethiopia – Gera – Washed Process



Clean and complex, beautifully acidic and enticingly sweet, one of the most
distinct coffees of Ethiopia

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The Guji region in Ethiopia receives ample rainfall and is marked by steep mountainous terrain. Perfect conditions to support the vast array of coffee found here. Only recently have Guji coffees been distinguished from neighbouring Sidamo and Yirgacheffe producing areas.

Due to their immense quality and unique profiles however, they are quickly gaining international recognition. Harvest takes place between October to December in low elevation areas, and between November to January in high elevation areas.

Guji-native Tadesse Edema is a pioneer among producers in Uraga. He’s a community leader and has built schools and roads in the region. In addition to washing stations, he owns two farms - one in Shakiso and another in Anasora.

Beginning in the 2019/2020 season, Tadesse is finally able to deliver his world - class coffees directly to us.

Ethiopia is famous as coffee’s birthplace, and the exceptional quality of Ethiopian coffee is due to a combination of factors. The genetic diversity of coffee varieties means that we find a diversity of flavour, even between (or within) farms with similar growing conditions and processing. Most producers in Ethiopia are smallholders, and the majority continue to cultivate coffee using traditional methods. As a result, most coffee is grown with no chemical fertiliser or pesticide use. Coffee is almost entirely cultivated, harvested and dried using manual systems.

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250g, 500g, 1kg

Grind types

Whole bean, Plunger grind, Filter grind, Stovetop, Chemex, V60



Tasting Notes

Full bodied cup of mango, peach iced tea, chamomile and delicate florals.


Mixed Heirloom varieties.


Traditional washed method, fermentation and processed at the wet mill.


1800 to 2000 metres.

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